Grow your family.

Receive maternity care from Registered Midwives on a five-acre heritage farm in Victoria, BC.

Midwifery at Roundhouse

Registered Midwives provide maternity care to pregnant women and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, during labour and birth, and until six weeks postpartum.

What is Midwifery Care?

    • Address your physical and emotional health during 30 min. appointments every 1-4 weeks.
    • Provide standard prenatal testing and prescribe pregnancy-related medications as needed, and 24/7 on-call care for urgent concerns.
    • Build a trusting relationship with you and support shared decision-making throughout your care.

    • Support and monitor you and baby throughout labour.
    • Help you deliver your baby in or out of hospital.
    • Provide personalized care to meet your needs and facilitate an optimal birth.

    • Provide frequent home visits for the first week after birth to support your recovery, ensure your baby is healthy, and assist with breastfeeding.
    • See you every 1-2 weeks for follow-up in clinic until baby is six weeks old.
    • Link you with community resources and specialist referrals to help you thrive as a new family.

Meet the Midwives

Lauren MacHattie, RM

Lauren completed the Midwifery Program at UBC in 2011. She loves that a midwife can play an important role in building community by helping women to feel supported, informed, and healthy. She is honoured to have the opportunity to participate in each family’s experience.

Astrid Fritzsche, RM

Astrid completed the UBC Midwifery Program, a BSc in Genetics and Biopsychology, and a minor in Women’s Studies. For many women the transition to motherhood is a process of realized inter-dependence, and as a midwife, Astrid most enjoys helping women to find themselves within their community and family network.

Natalie Hicken, RM

Natalie completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree at McMaster University in Ontario after doing a year of Nursing school. She brings with her many years of experience in urban and rural practice, including attending home births. She looks forward to working with you and your growing family! Natalie offre aussi ses services en français.

Mary Jo Harris, RM

Mary Jo completed her Bachelors of Health Sciences in Midwifery in Ontario prior to returning home to practice midwifery in Victoria. She has had the opportunity to work in diverse rural and urban settings. In midwifery, she feels passionate about supporting and encouraging the transformation process, community building, and growth as people become parents.

Valerie Simmons, RN, RM

Valerie grew up in Ireland, and became a RN in ’92. She moved to Wales and became a registered midwife in ’95. She began teaching midwifery in England in ’01, moved to Cowichan to work as a midwife in ’05, and then Victoria in ’06. She now teaches part time for the UBC Midwifery Program, and lives with her husband and two kids.

Emma Jo Knapp, RN, RM

Emma trained as a Naturopath, RN and Registered Midwife before immigrating from Australia to Canada to work within an exemplary model of midwifery care. She worked previously as a nurse on Labour & Delivery at VGH. From 2014-16, Emma worked as a midwife in Manitoba, and is now thrilled to be back working with Victoria families.

A Place of Growth

Roundhouse Midwives is located on a beautiful five-acre farm, which includes our midwifery clinic in the main house & round sanctuary, a large organic market garden, a “secret garden” with outdoor lounge, and chickens. The farm is two blocks from Victoria General Hospital. Families are welcome to enjoy the property.

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